Kim Kapes is a K9 Relations Specialist who can help any dog and owner achieve that ultimate relationship. As a part of the non-profit organization, proceeds received for a behavior consultation goes toward the animal care of In Harmony with Nature animal haven.

As a K9 Relations Specialist, Kim takes an approach to working with your dog in a kind, gentle, holistic and non-confrontational way. Your dog will be happy to follow you as the leader of the pack and in turn will live a happy and stress free life. Kim spent time in England and has worked with Jan Fennell and the Amichien Bonding process.

You no longer need to be bullied into thinking you must use force or commanding ways to have control of your dog. Working with your dog has NOTHING TO DO WITH DOMINATING THEM INTO SUBMISSION! You will understand how to control the situation and have a relaxed dog with self-control. Kim will show you how to allow your dog to WILLINGLY want to work with you.

Our method allows you to live in harmony with your trusted friend. This stress-free, gadget-free method is achievable by anyone with an open mind and respect for the fantastic creature that is the Canine!

If your dog...

  • pulls on the leash
  • jumps up at you or visitors
  • fears loud noises
  • follows you around
  • barks excessively
  • is aggressive
  • is nervous or fearful
  • refuses to return on request
  • destroys your home or possessions

...Wolf Song can help!

Domestic dogs are direct descendants of wolves. The instinct is still strong and they are pack animals. Keeping that in mind, there are differences in the behavior of domestic dogs, captive wolves, and wild wolves. TRUE pack behavior works with your dog's natural instincts and learning. Unlike many trainers today who believe pack behavior means dominate and create a submissive dog, wolf packs are a cohesive family unit similar to our human families. Like wolves, dogs follow a code of hierarchy. They know from the time they are born that their very survival depends on having good decision makers in the lead. Often time’s owners mistakenly give their dog the wrong signals and behaviors get unintentionally reinforced. When this occurs the dog finds themselves in a position of making decisions the owners are not happy with. What your goal should be is to have a dog that looks to you for the right decision and through the proper signals will be guided into a happy and stress free life.