I was born in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, and received my bachelors’ degree from Susquehanna University in 1990. I have always had a strong interest in understanding the animal kingdom so I studied psychology with an emphasis on learning and behavior. In my first endeavors after achieving my degree, I moved to Virginia. I worked to develop the skills necessary to help people grow and improve in their own lives by counseling  and coaching.  Later, a career as a professional firefighter gave me the opportunity to train and certify in emergency animal rescue as well as increase my ability to guide people through crisis situations. My abilities to manage people and situations that were out of control were refined during that time. I am able to draw on the experience of life and death situations from my firefighting career to help

people understand themselves and to bring additional insights on dealing with life under pressure.

I eventually relocated to Florida and spent time working with zoo animals to gain further experience with animal behavior. I am the director of “In Harmony with Nature” animal haven, a non-profit organization created to help animals in need. In the process of operating the organization I saw the need to gain a deeper knowledge of the canine species. Kim traveled to England to further her knowledge and skills with dogs. She has spent extensive time working with captive wolves and wolf dogs. Kim is a specialist when it comes to canine behavior both wild and domestic. She developed Wolf Song K9 Relations to help companion dogs and their owners as well as rescue dogs from across the country. She is currently helping owners and their dogs in Orlando Florida.

Kim is also the author of the book From Wags To Riches released in November 2008. Her book takes the reader on a journey of understanding how the canine species can teach us the skills to improve our lives. “From Wags To Riches” is a guide to assist with the important connection humans have developed with our dogs. The Universal Laws of Nature are all around us and our dogs help reveal the keys to unlock these secrets. When it comes to life our canine best friends are some of the greatest teachers. To the right is a brief excerpt from a story in the book.