This book takes the reader on a journey of discovery from understanding how our domestic companions came to lay on our living room floors to how they teach us the most important principals of becoming better human beings.

In Kim Kapes book, From Wags To Riches everything is laid out to guide you through the important principles of becoming a better human being. The wonderful twist is that you learn these secrets from your dog.  Did you know how important your feelings and attitudes come into play for your dogs? Wouldn’t it be great to have the tools to change your old mindsets to be free to move forward in life? It is fantastic when you can learn the secrets to allow you to attract everything you want in life. These are just some of the topics found in From Wags To Riches .

The journey through the course of this book opens up the world of the dog and gives you a sense of what they feel. You learn how to bridge that language barrier through a non-confrontational approach to life with your dogs. The stories Kim shares give you an intimate look at the importance of our actions and interactions with our dogs.

In addition Kim will guide you through the process of:

• The keys to grow personally for the benefit of YOU and YOUR DOG.
• Learning to bring into your life what you want.
• The responsibilities of leadership and what that means for your dog and your life.
• Understanding survival instinct, and the importance of decision making skills.
• Earning trust and respect by guiding your emotions and feelings.

In From Wags To Riches Kim Kapes shares her experience and gives you the tools to not only give your dog the best but to be the best yourself. Kapes is a specialist at helping people to achieve the relationship they desire with their dogs. She can also help you to learn to listen to your dog for those keys to the secrets of success in life. By following Kapes’ guidance, everyone can achieve the ultimate relationship with their dogs.

...Attracting The Ultimate Relationship With Your Dog
And Becoming The Best YOU Possible


Kim Kapes, From Wags To Riches From Wags To Riches

My career as a professional firefighter was over because of an injury. Even though I was still living in Virginia, I was planning to move to Florida. My family was located there, and I wanted to be closer to my nephews and parents. A month prior to moving to Orlando, I agreed to take a Dalmatian named Spanner from a fellow firefighter. He was unable to keep the dog and did not know where to turn. This was an old dog that was set in his ways. Spanner definitely had his share of problems, both behaviorally and physically. I did not really know what I was getting into, but it was a turning point for me. It was the beginning of a new path, and I had no idea at the time where it would lead. Little did I know how much this one dog would be responsible for teaching me, guiding me and setting me on my incredible journey. I simply thought I was helping out a friend, yet I received much more out of the deal.
We give our friends what they need by understanding and speaking their language. We convey to the dogs in simple ways to show them that we can be the decision maker, the leader of the pack. What is important is that your dog is getting what they truly deserve; a happy, relaxed and stress-free life. This is the way to the ultimate relationship with your dog. This is the dog that can give back to you tenfold, while also allowing them to retain their full spirit. The canine species is so amazing that even dogs that have owners who do not quite "speak" their language will still give special gifts of enlightenment, joy, fulfillment and much more.
When your mind is in a state of chaos as Sierra's was, no learning can occur. We need to recognize the times when our excitement gets the better of us and slow ourselves down, allow ourselves that awareness so our energy can stay positive. Chaotic energy is overpowering and highly negative. We want good vibrations to propel us forward. Be honest and know yourself, it is the only way we can grow.

Talks & Workshops

Kim is happy to speak at your group special events, business meetings, school programs, club, or organizations about how the best life with your dogs can give you the skills to achieve your best life as well. Kim is also available for your corporate training. Toastmaster trained but naturally gifted as a professional speaker Kim is both entertaining and informative. Your program will be custom tailored to meet the needs of your corporation. You will surely recieve benefit from the vast experiences and stories Kim shares.