Prior to a consultation, it is recommended that you first read Jan Fennell's book, The Dog Listener . This book will gives you an understanding of the Amichien® Bonding process and the "tools" you will use to begin communicating clearly with your dog.

In addition to the book, Jan has available the DVD to show people the method in action. Please check out your local library for a copy of the book or click here to be directed to Jan’s web site to order.

At your consultation you will receive a copy if Kim's book "From Wags To Riches" to further assist you with your K9 Relations.

A customized plan of action is the most helpful. Wolf Song K9 Relations offers consultations in your home and at your convenience.

Why do I need a home consultation?
Having a consultation in your home allows your dog to exhibit its natural behavior in its own environment; lets Kim see the interaction between all family members and dogs; and enables Kim to make suggestions that are specific to your home environment. Of course, it also provides you the opportunity to ask questions.

A one-time fee covers the consultation, which generally lasts 3-4 hours, and backup support (telephone or email) at no additional charge - for life - should questions arise after the visit. You may request an additional visit to your home for mileage costs only. During the consultation, you will learn:

  • Pack mentality and canine ritualistic behavior
  • Why your dog behaves as it does
  • Core elements of K9 Relations work
  • How to implement these techniques to help your dog

When will I see my dogs behavior change?
Every dog and every situation is different. Working with your dog is an ongoing process - a way of life - not a "quick fix". However, most people notice that their dog begins to change its behavior of its own free will during the home visit. The more you work with  my techniques and use the backup support, the more positive results you will see.

Talks & Workshops

Kim will be happy to work with your rescue group, shelter, foster families, volunteers clubs, or organizations to help show you how to work with the dogs in a kind, gentle way.

If you are interested in a 1 on 1 consultation at your home or a presentation on K9 Relations work, please contact us .