Choosing where to live Essay

People always think about where their own future house should be, in a city or a village; however, before making such an important decision, people have to consider many interesting aspects in the two areas. To be more specific, people living in a city can find a vast variety of food, education, and entertainment due to the availability of many restaurants, schools, universities and amusement centers.
Similarly, though there is lack of modern facilities in rural areas (villages), the clean air and peace are both beneficial for the health of people living there; hence, people who are seeking a sense of well-being prefer living in villages where they feel time and make life move slower. There is a great difference in the lifestyle of people living in cities and villages and there is a need for every person to balance both kinds before making his decision.
First of all, there is a tendency among young and well-educated people to live in a city where they can find new products of technology such as smartphones, computers, etc….
Besides, they can attend the best universities and reach the best learning resources which are not available in a village community. Not only that but also the young generation looking for entertainment centers such as gyms, computer centers, exotic restaurants and cinemas where they meet with their friends and spend most of their time and these are easily accessible in city life.
Alternatively, when some people start their families and become older in life, they look for peacefulness, tranquility, healthy food and beauty of nature. All of these lead peoples to choose to migrate to rural villages where they spend the rest of their life enjoying the silence, breathing fresh air, wandering in the forests and tasting healthy food. The most important thing about the village is that inhabitants can grow their fruit and vegetables.
On balance, it is obvious that both a city and a village each have their advantages and disadvantages. A city, for instance, is characterized by its modern technology, modern education and plenty of entertainment centers. Whereas, the village is recognized by its clean pure air, healthy beautiful environment with the presence of forests along with its tranquility. Thus, the person has the right to choose to live anywhere according to his thoughts, tastes, interests, and preferences. In either case, I quote, "The life of a man entirely depends upon the society he lives in." This website contains numerous free social work research topics. Everyone can use them for free to create their own assignments and get the highest grades.