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Within this website you'll find your resource to Wolf Song K9 Relations and your guide for the ultimate relationship between you and your K9 companion. Kim is a K9 Relations Specialist and can show you a non confrontational way to work with your dog. Kim's approach will clear up the myth behind pack-dominance based methods. She will show you how to have willing cooperation from your dog and stress free lives. Kim goes beyond positive reinforcement and guarantees a gentle approach to working with your dog. It's not about how good your dog training treats are, it's about how good you are. Does your dog trust you 100%?

Looking to improve your life along with the life of your dog? Look no further...the book "From Wags to Riches" is your key to starting that new journey. Kim can assist you on your path in life to achieve the success you deserve. Along the way you will learn how to make your K9 Companion's life the best that they deserves as well. If you have read all those other training books out there by those big name trainers, then finally you have found THE training book. That is because Kim's book goes way beyond training. This is your resource to bring your life and the life of your dog to the place you want it to be.

Kim is also available for your special events, business meetings, school programs, and corporate trainings. As a professional speaker , Kim is both entertaining and informative. Custom tailored to meet the needs of your program you will surely receive benefit from the vast experiences and stories Kim shares. Kim has courses available to make your journey of personal growth and development be the most enjoyable time each step of the way.

Join Kim on all her adventures on stage, in print, film, DVD, CD, and TV. As a creative writer Kim is always working to bring helpful information to children and adults alike. See what wonderful projects are underway and how you can become a part of an amazing experience you will cherish and enjoy.

Another great resource that we can offer is our rescue and rehab facility "In Harmony With Nature". Nestled on a private wooded property we are geared towards helping animals in need. The mission of our organization is to provide the care for those animals finding themselves in need of a new home. Our adoption coordinators can help you choose a new fur or feathered partner. We work with you and your new best friend to develop an everlasting and loving relationship. You have found a soulmate that appreciates the game as you do, for example, on the snapsext and not sure where to spend the vacation?